Why Hailey and Justin Bieber skipped the Met Gala in 2023

After becoming a regular Met Gala attendee, Hailey Bieber opted to take a hiatus this year, as did her husband, Justin. None of the pipers were spotted on the steps of the Met this evening in NYC for the museum’s theme, “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty.”

They were actually filmed in Los Angeles on Saturday:

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In the weeks leading up to the event, rumors circulated that Hayley would not be attending after a screenshot from a DM she allegedly sent spread on social media. “I will not be going to the Met Gala this year,” the letter read. “We’re getting ready for Rhode’s next launch, so I decided we’d sit this season out but come back next year.”

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Hailey Recently opened about how challenging 2023 will be for her mental health. She wrote on her Instagram Story in late April, “I love making jokes about how I feel because sometimes it’s easier than admitting I’m going through a hard time. But honestly since the beginning of 2023, I’ve had some of the saddest and hardest moments ever in my adult life, And my mind and emotions were fragile to say the least. And I know a woman who feels what I feel, so I know you’re not alone. 🫶🏼”


same week, us weekly She mentioned how Justin struggled watching Hailey suffer so much.

“Justin’s heart breaks to see Hailey struggling emotionally the way she has been these past few months,” the source said. “He loves his wife more than anything else and knows she has a heart of gold.”

The source continued, “Justin knows the real her, and despite what some people might say or think, he knows she only wants the best for people and has the best of intentions.” “Justin knows life is about ups and downs, and he knows she will get through this. But it was hard seeing her upset and all he could do was be there for her and be there for her no matter what.”

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