Rihanna didn’t wear a top, open coat, and micro skirt to a date with A$AP Rocky

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky stayed in New York City for the following days Met Gala And they were photographed having dinner at hotspot Carbone last night. Rihanna brought Her maternity style statement In full force again, with an Acne Studios trench coat (only closed at the top) paired with a Prada miniskirt, Amina Muaddi shoes, and a Miu Miu bag. She wore her hair up for the occasion. While she opted for darker colors, Rocky brought the color in in a red plaid blouse and blue blazer worn over a white T-shirt and light-colored jeans.

the background

Rihanna has not revealed when she will give birth to her second child. I opened a little to Entertainment tonight She revealed her second pregnancy on the Met Gal red carpet. “It’s completely different from the first,” she said. “No lust. Tons of nausea. Everything is different, but I enjoy it. I feel good. I feel energized.”

Rihanna said about her pregnancy style hustle In March 2022 while pregnant with her first child, she aims to be “maybe…a rebel” with her clothes. “When I saw women wearing their clothes during pregnancy [in the past]“I think that’s the only way,” she said. “So I challenged myself to push it further and really enjoy it.” [maternity style]. Because there is nothing more fun than a challenge for me. This is where he got creative. This is where I am forced to come up with new ideas and new ways to make it work.”

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