Skin problems caused by humidity in monsoon season, remedies for skin diseases

Author: Dr. Priyanka Reddy (MBBS, MD, DVL) Founder, DNA Skin Clinic & Wellness Center

SKIN CARE IN MONZOON: Epidemics increase in monsoons. There is an increase in cases of viral and bacterial diseases. Special care should be taken with small children. They may suffer from skin diseases. Due to the high humidity of the monsoon, children contract some skin diseases. About which information has been given here.

Mycoses: Fungal infections like ringworm, athlete’s foot (a type of toe infection) occur during the monsoon due to the hot and humid conditions. A baby can also suffer from diaper rash.

Rash: This is a type of rash. It is also known as malaria. If the sweat ducts are blocked, such heat is seen. This disorder causes small, red or skin-colored blisters on the skin. Where itching can occur. This problem occurs in places where sweat accumulates the most, such as the neck, armpits, waist and face.

Eczema flare-up: Children with eczema can become irritated by the increased humidity during the monsoon season. If the problem is severe, a secondary bacterial infection can occur.

Allergic reaction: Allergies to things like mold, dust, particles, and pollen can increase with the monsoons. Children who are allergic to such conditions may experience allergic reactions such as stinging, itching, or skin rashes.

Bacterial infection: Skin infections also occur due to bacteria in the monsoons. Like, impetigo. This disorder is caused by a bacterial infection. In which red sores or blisters are seen. This problem mainly occurs around the mouth and nose.

Itching: A very serious skin infection in the monsoons causes itchiness.

Remedies to avoid skin related problems in Monsoon

– Keep skin clean and clear.

– Bath the baby regularly. Be sure to dry any areas prone to sweating.

Use a mild, pH-balanced cleanser:

Avoid using strong soaps during this season. Use a mild hypoallergenic cleanser to avoid overly dry or irritated skin.

wear loose clothing

Dress the child in loose clothing. Choose light fabrics like cotton for them. Such clothing will allow the skin to breathe and help prevent sweat from building up.

Keep the environment dry

Moisture causes fungus to grow. So use dehumidifiers or air conditioners to keep the indoor environment dry.

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Don’t use other people’s items.

Make sure your child doesn’t share towels, clothing, or other items that can spread the infection.

Use an antifungal powder

Applying antifungal powder to areas prone to fungal infection keeps skin dry and prevents fungal growth.

Go to the doctor

If a child suffers from painful and severe skin problems during the monsoon season, medical advice should be sought for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

It should be mentioned here that the prevention of the disease is the main thing. So stay clean. Taking the necessary precautions during the monsoons will help protect the baby’s skin.

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