Apply this 1-item face pack to your face, people will be amazed at the glow

  • Curd and chickpea flour will increase the shine of the face.
  • Using curd and honey will increase the shine of the face.
  • Mixing curd and rice flour will give the skin a glow

Indian food definitely includes some curd dishes with every dish. There are different types like Bundi raita, Dahinwada, Buttermilk or plain curd mixed with salt or curd. The purpose of including curd in food is only to improve your digestion by consuming it. Just as curd keeps the stomach very calm, fresh, and healthy, it is also very beneficial for the skin.

Curd is also useful in skin care.

The use of curd in skin care is beneficial as it eliminates moisture deficiency in the skin. In addition, the curd contains lactic acid, which prevents wrinkles on the skin. Mix some stuff into curd and apply it on your face. This will make your skin absolutely glowing in a few days.

1. Curd and gram flour

In the summer-monsoon season, the humidity on the face increases. It makes the face look very pale. You can apply curd to give an instant glow to the face. Mix half a tablespoon of gram flour into it. Apply this yogurt face mask on your face for about 15 minutes. Your face will glow in no time.

2. Curd and rice flour

This face mask made from curd is very beneficial and gives amazing results. To make it, mix one tablespoon of rice flour with two tablespoons of curd. You can also add rose water to mix it up. Leave this paste on your face for 10 to 15 minutes. Then wash your face while massaging gently. You will see an amazing glow on the face.

3. Curd and honey

Eating honey benefits both the body and applying it to the face. Mix curd and honey and apply it on the face several times. It will also eliminate the lack of moisture on the face. After 20 minutes massage the face and wash the face. You will notice that the brightness of the face will increase.

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