Kim Kardashian and Ryan Murphy Join Forces for Legal Drama on Hulu

Kim Kardashian and Ryan Murphy Join Forces for Legal Drama on Hulu

In a remarkable collaboration following their work on American Horror Story: Delicate, Kim Kardashian and Ryan Murphy are set to ignite the screen once again, this time with a compelling legal drama destined for Hulu.

According to reports from Deadline, the series will be brought to life by the creative minds of Jon Robin Baitz and Joe Baken, who successfully pitched the concept to Kardashian and Kris Jenner alongside the seasoned Murphy. Following an enthusiastic reception to the pitch, Kardashian and Jenner swiftly committed to the project, propelling the team to secure a deal with Hulu.

The untitled legal drama promises a riveting narrative, with Kardashian stepping into the shoes of the most accomplished divorce lawyer in Los Angeles. Adding an intriguing layer, her character will also be the proprietor of an all-female law firm. Described as a “high-end, glossy, and sexy adult procedural,” the show marks a significant milestone as the first from Murphy under his new agreement with 20th Television/Disney.

The powerhouse trio of Murphy, Kardashian, and Jenner is set to take on executive production duties, while the casting process is underway to fill pivotal roles. Notably, they are on the lookout for top-tier talent to assume the roles of three female law partners and Kardashian’s love interest in the series, emphasizing their pursuit of an “A-list actor” for the latter.

In American Horror Story: Delicate, Kardashian graces the screen as Siobhan Corbyn. This latest season deviates from its usual format by drawing inspiration from source material, specifically Danielle Valentine’s recent novel, Delicate Condition. The season is penned and executive produced by Halley Feiffer, who doubles as the showrunner, marking another collaboration with Ryan Murphy after their work on Impeachment: American Crime Story.

As anticipation builds for this legal drama, the union of Kim Kardashian’s on-screen charisma and Ryan Murphy’s storytelling prowess is poised to create a series that transcends expectations, blending legal intrigue with a touch of glamour and empowerment. Stay tuned for further developments as this star-studded project unfolds its legal tales on Hulu.

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