Hair becomes greasy from heat-sweat, take care of yourself like this

Hair becomes greasy from heat-sweat

How to tack care your Hair becomes greasy from heat-sweat

  • Sweat spoils the texture of the hair and makes it dirty
  • Due to heat and sweat, the scalp also becomes oily.
  • Dry shampoo can be used to treat oily and oily hair.

There are many people who Hair becomes greasy from heat-sweat more during the summer season. It causes problems for both hair and body. No matter how hard you try to look good in such conditions, sweat breaks down the texture of your hair and makes it look dirty. Apart from this, due to heat and sweat, the scalp also becomes oily. If you too suffer from the problem of oily and greasy hair in summer, here are some tips to take care of your hair.

How to get rid of oily hair in summer?

1. Keep cleaning the hairbrush

Over time, dead skin and dirt build up on the hairbrush. Therefore, it is very important to keep it clean from time to time, as this dirt easily gets into washed hair, giving it a dirty and rough look. Try to use only a clean hairbrush on your hair.

2. Tomato hair mask

Lycopersicon esculentum extract in tomato is considered good for hair growth and preventing hair loss. Some studies have found that the acidic nature of tomatoes helps balance the pH level of the scalp. To make a tomato hair mask, take a ripe tomato and add a teaspoon of Multani clay to it. Now apply this mask on your hair gently. Leave it on for 20 minutes before washing it off with cold water.

3. Wash and condition the hair well

Applying shampoo and conditioner to hair is not as easy as it seems as many people do not apply it properly to the roots and scalp. Avoid using your fingernails or rubbing strands while applying shampoo and conditioner. Apart from this, rubbing too much is also harmful as it can lead to excessive oil production which makes your hair oilier and greasy.

4. Use dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is another great way to treat oily and oily hair. If you don’t have time and your scalp is oily, you can use dry shampoo to give it a fresh look. When the scalp is oily, the roots also become oily, making the hair look greasy. In this case, using a dry shampoo can prevent all of your hair from becoming greasy. But keep in mind that you shouldn’t overuse dry shampoo, as the chemicals it contains can be harmful to your scalp.

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