BTS member fashion style, BTS is the most popular band group on the planet. their music rising to the top of the chart BTS is without a doubt the most famous boys group band on earth. Ascending to the highest-rated spot with appealing tracks and lively characters to coordinate, the Korean company is quickly turning into the greatest social wonder on earth. At the point when they’re not investing their energy composing, singing, and visiting, nonetheless, the BTS musicians are discovered displaying the absolute cleanest and most reformist outfits in music. With an overall crowd, an enormous fanbase that follows the band wherever they go. In that capacity, there’s a tension on the musicians to remain on point with style. With regards to BTS design, they surpass all assumptions.

  • BTS has 7 members that first world stylish musical group
  • Jung kook
  • Jimin
  • Rm
  • Suga
  • jin
  • V
  • j- hope

In case you are not a super fan you may make them awaken to do, there’s a great deal to unload with this extraordinary kid band. The BTS musicians are just about as unmistakable and famous as the actual gathering, with singular qualities that fans revere. The synchronized dance moves, effervescent mentalities, and relatable characters are prime qualities for absolute industry mastery, and they’re nearly there. While en route to industry mastery they’ve gotten probably the most chic figures in the business. Displaying the capacity to mix sorts out from geeky style brands like WTAPS, Acronym, Neighborhood, and Raf Simons (Calvin Klein), with mainline planner pieces of clothing from Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

We’ve separated every individual’s style in our Style Guide: How to Dress Like BTS Band Members. So look at them beneath and get a few hints to kick you off on your K-pop design venture.

RM style Style Guide


picture: Instagram


full name: Kim Nam-Joon

Favorite Brands: Yohji, Y-3, WTAPS, Neighbourhood, Visvim

RM came up through Korea’s underground rap scene, turning into the primary individual from the BTS band in 2010. Rap Monster showed himself English by watching Friends. He was the primary individual from the gathering, accordingly, he assumes the job of the gathering chief. Despite the fact that he’s the ‘chief’, he doesn’t settle on choices for the BTS band all alone. The band generally settles on choices in a vote-based design, with a series of Rock, Paper, Scissors. This technique for dynamic stretches out to his outfits, where he will combine remarkable pieces that in any case may never discover a spot together.

His style has changed significantly throughout the long term. RM loves to explore different avenues regarding remarkable looks and simply toss on pieces until he tracks down a triumphant mix. He adores Japanese streetwear and streetwear overall. Laidback looks are his top choice off-stage and mixes incorporate brilliant hued outwear from WTAPS and denim shorts from Visvim. In case you’re hoping to shake an RM roused outfit you can’t actually turn out badly with a coordinating with a casual shirt and shorts blend.

Jimin Style Guide


picture: Instagram


full name: park Jimin

Favorite Brands: Raf Simons, Gucci, Prada, JW Anderson, Thom Browne, Balenciaga

Notable for his moving and guiltless look, some say Jimin was conceived thusly. Jimin is another of the group’s best artists and he has made a fruitful performance vocation with tracks, for example, “falsehood” and “good fortune”. As low maintenance humanitarian, he consistently rewards his old neighborhood of Busan.

We figure Jimin may hold the crown for the most snappy individual from the BTS Band. His stylish thus easily cool tasteful is suggestive of other top-level big names like A$AP Rocky and Timothy Chalamet. Jimin will combine a dynamically designed shirt from any semblance of Gucci and Raf Simons for certain plain shaded pants from Calvin Klein and hotshot precisely why we love Jimin as a style ruler. Needing that Jimin look? Focus on a designed shirt with a curiously large fit, and pair it with some washed denim for a relaxed fit. Then again, search for some Raf planned Calvin Klein’s and pair it with some Gucci pants and brogues for a design week prepared look.

Jin Style Guide


picture: Instagram

Birthdate: 4/12/1992, gwacheon-si, South Korea

full name: Kim seok-jin

Favorite Brands: Balenciaga, Gucci, Raf Simons, Visvim, Off White

Initially keen on being an entertainer, Jin is the most seasoned BTS musician. Divertingly, Jin passes by the moniker ‘overall attractive’, presenting himself as such in 2017. He was initially explored for the BTS band because of his looks, so perhaps this self-acclaim has some fact to it. Being the calmest individual from the band, Jin likes to keep his style genuinely downplayed. Jin rocks curiously large outerwear pieces and likes to pull off a pink outfit from time to time. Pink is his #1 shading.

In case you’re hoping to shake curiously large outerwear ensure you mean to be proportionate and adjusted. Try not to buy things that are two sizes too enormous. Focus on custom-made things that are deliberately worked to have a larger than usual fit. Search for a more extensive shoulder, sleeve, and abdomen. You would prefer not to appear as though you’re actually developing into your outfit. Do as Jin does, add some well-fitted denim pants with an opening or two to truly get into character. Contingent upon your style you can add a few tennis shoes, dress shoes, or even planner slides as we see Jin do consistently. Pink may be Jin’s number one tone however it doesn’t need to be yours, adding a pastel is consistently an in-vogue method of causing some to notice your new outfit.

Jung kook Style Guide

Jung kook

source Instagram

Birthdate:1/10/1997,mandeok-dong,busan,south korea

Full name: Jeon Jung-kook

Favorite Brands: Gucci, WTAPS, Calvin Klein, Raf Simons

It isn’t difficult to stand apart among a gathering of upscale youngsters. Indeed, even as the most youthful individual from BTS, Jungkook actually figures out how to flaunt his own remarkable style.

Jungkook’s design is striking. Here and there the sheer extent of the outfit is sufficient to calm a room. While he adores shaking Undercover and Raf Simons outwear, his style is diverse. In the hotter months, he is routinely seen shaking button-up shirts from any semblance of Gucci and Prada. In case you’re hoping to pull off a basic Jungkook fit, we suggest beginning with a bowling shirt or twofold breasted shirt from any semblance of WTAPS or Monitaly. Pair a decent shirt with some Saint Laurent denim pants or Calvins, and polish it off with some Visvim tennis shoes and you’re set.

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Suga Style Guide


source Instagram

Birthdate:9/3/1993, Taejeon-dong

Full name: Min Yoon-gi

Favorite Brands: Mastermind Japan (fave), Visvim, Gucci, Balenciaga

‘virtuoso Suga’, his fashion awareness is less complex and more held than a portion of the more glaring individuals from the gathering.

To get the Suga style you should adore quality cowhide and dark. Suga wears probably the most delightful calfskins available and his style may even be alluded to as ‘softcore’ by the present principles. He gets a kick out of the chance to match a cowhide coat with a plain dark shirt and dark denim pants, normally Calvins or Saint Laurents. Differentiating hair shading will generally show up close by light eye shadow and hazier mascara. At the point when Suga isn’t wearing a pleasant cowhide, he’s keeping it straightforward with a dark jacket or coat from Visvim or Mastermind Japan. Eventually, dark on dark on dark on monochrome is the best approach.

J-hope Style Guide


source: Instagram

Birthdate:8/2/1994 ,Ilgok-dong, Gwangju, South Korea

Full name: Jung Ho-seok

Favorite Brands: Raf Simons, YEEZY, Louis Vuitton, JW Anderson, Off White

Without a doubt the best artist in the BTS band, J-Hope has become well known on the dancefloor. Preceding joining BTS, he was an individual from the dance group Neuron where he won various contests. With these smooth dance moves, you may be tricked into speculation he can’t sing, however, don’t briefly think he treats his music or his style as a second spot.

His sunshiny character adds extravagant energy to his style decisions. J-Hope likes to shake offbeat pieces that lean towards splendid shadings and intense mixes. In case you’re hoping to shake a J-Hope roused outfit, solace is the situation. Shorts are consistently an alternative, J-Hope loves shaking denim shorts, camo shorts, and 5-inch inseam choices from any semblance of Patagonia. Add a father cap or container cap to coordinate with your J-Hope fit and you’ll be resembling the dancing lord himself instantly.

V Style Guide


sources: Instagram

Birthdate:30 December 1995, Bisan-dong

Full name: Kim Tae-Hyung

Favorite Brands: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Burberry

Assuming you need to turn into a K-pop whiz looks are everything. Individuals from the BTS V are “truly charming” yet note he “behaves like a rascal”, we imagine that is only his persona kicking in. V has consistently been into music, he started playing the saxophone at school. Today, V has established a solid performance vocation with tracks like ‘View’ piling up more than 60 million tunes in on the group streaming pages.

V has a preference for high design, he presumably has the most characterized style among the BTS band. He seems to get a large portion of his style motivation from the lookbooks of Gucci and Louis Vuitton. His outfits appear as though they’re taken straight off the pages of a lookbook, with wide streaming pants and silk shirts making up most of his closet. Getting a seem as though V’s isn’t excessively difficult. While the outfits are astounding, there’s not a ton to unload with his exceptionally characterized style. Pair a strikingly hued button-up with some wide-leg pants of your decision and you’re 90% of the way there. Add some moderate adornments, and a couple of dress shoes and you have a look V would be glad for.

you can contact that he is the official website of BTS which you can visit from here.
BTS Bright Music

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Bts meaning is the “better the sex” &” be there soon”
they know as ” the bangtan boys”

Is any BTS member died?

yes, he committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. His name is stag name Kim-Jong-Hyun

What does BTS stand for?

BTS group stands for Korea expression bangtan in 2017 the officially announced its stand for “beyond the scenes” as part of a new brand of identity

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