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How Much It Costs To Dress Like BTS For Their “Consent TO DANCE ON STAGE” Online Concert

As usual, the gathering conveyed a sensational involvement in heavenly exhibitions and executioner fits. In this way, here are a portion of the famous outfits from Casablanca, Rick Owens, and more worn by BTS for the show and the amount they cost…

1. How Much It Costs To Dress Like BTS Suga style


Suga combined a Mihara Yasuhiro troubled sweater with “Calfskin Trimmed Cargo Trousers” from Fear of God for $680 and $755 USD, separately. His sew cap is from Y&M and expenses are just $16 USD. His shoes are the “Bread cook Low Top Sneakers” from Mihara Yasuhiro and cost $430 USD.


Suga was the renegade of the gathering wearing Hyein Seo rather than Rick Owens. He matched the “Pilot Bomber Jacket” in white with the “Overshadowing Cargo Pants” for $855 and $330 USD, separately. He was adorned with the “Edge Oval Chain” from Wooing by Connie Woo for $154 USD. He additionally wore a specially crafted piece from Quantez.


He wore a kaleidoscopic Casablanca print shirt over the highest point of a white T-shirt for $915 USD for his next outfit.

For the last exhibition, he flaunted a portion of the authority PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE merchandise. He wore the “3M Logo Anorak” with the can cap for $101.26 and $41.80 USD, individually.

2. How Much It Costs To Dress Like BTS Jin style

Jin’s soundcheck coat is Louis Vuitton’s “Calfskin and DENIM MIX MONOGRAM BLOUSON” for $4,200 USD. His slides are additionally Louis Vuitton and cost $720 USD.


jin’s outfit for the show incorporated a coat from Rick Owens’ Spring Summer 2022 assortment. His tank top, however, is Ann Demeulemeester and expenses $230 USD.


His other outfit is the “Cuban Collar Silk Shirt” from Casablanca for $789 USD.

His last search for the finish of the occasion is a plain white T-shirt from Louis Vuitton for $645 USD!

3. How Much It Costs To Dress Like BTS Jungkook style

Jungkook wore Supreme’s “Handkerchief Faux Fur Bomber Jacket” for $398 USD with a “Netting Knit Vest” in dark from DWS Company for just $44 USD. His frill incorporates “Choice. YJ C1 (BR)” shades from Gentle Monster and “PETERSON OG Sole Canvas Low-top Sneaker” from Mihara Yasuhiro for $330 and $271 USD, separately.


Tear, Jungkook stans, in light of the fact that this outfit is hot. He matched the “Film Tank Top” with the “Dylan Cotton Jersey” from Rick Owens to lessen the measure of skin openness. They cost $350 and $315 USD, separately. His “Wavy Zip Up Jacket” is Hyein Seo and expenses $450 USD. His adornments come from Wooing by Connie Woo and cost $145 and $170 USD.

One of Jungkook’s outfits is a blending of two Casablanca shirts. He combined a sheer realistic print network top with the “Specialty of the Racing print shirt” for $811 and $833 USD, separately. His “straight-leg customized pants” are additionally Casablanca and cost $1,100 USD.

4. How Much It Costs To Dress Like BTS J-Hope style

J-Hope ends up being the extra lord once more! He wore the Louis Vuitton “Monogram Waves Infinity Pareo Scarf” for $450 USD. His cashmere beanie is from Chrome Hearts and expenses $395 USD. The shades are from GENTLE MONSTER’s “swipe” assortment to be delivered in 2022. His “Crazy Tennis Loafers” is $152 USD from FILA.


j hope wears a gray flight suit from Rick Owens J-Hope is wearing a Dior 2.0 with this “Gary Flightsuit” from Rick Owens.It costs $912 to $2,567 USD, contingent upon the dealer. He was adorned with a uniquely crafted hand shield (ruler things) from 32 Dawn. Every part’s body chain was additionally handcrafted for their all-dark outfits from either 32 Dawn or ZBlack! and he wore “Eliot Sunglasses” from Burberry for $315 USD.


J-Hope’s subsequent outfit is similarly however fun and brilliant as he seems to be! He dressed as a rule in Casablanca. He wore the pink high-waisted pants for $1,000 USD. His tops are the “Window Print Silk Shirt” and the “Belted Single-Breasted Jacket” for $815 and $2,378 USD. The one non-Casablanca piece is a blue puffy can cap from KHRISJOY for $275 USD.

His last serve of the evening was from a PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE merchandise pull. He wore their photograph T-shirt with the dash-up hoodie for $45.52 and $82.68 USD, individually. For frill, he wore the beret for $39 USD and the accessory for $37.16 USD.

5. How Much It Costs To Dress Like BTS Jimin style

Jimin wore a crewneck sweater from Bottega Veneta for $890 USD. Like J-Hope, he shook the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE hoodie for $82.68 USD. His stud is the “Minuscule CH E Plus” from Chrome Hearts for $1,442 USD.


Jimin looks prepared to enter a sci-fi universe, like Star Wars or Dune, with this notable (and attractive) ensemble. His sew tank is the “Moon Palace Knit” from Hyein Seo for $395 USD. His fleece sew is additionally from the brand. His “stone monument battle boots,” be that as it may, is Prada and cost $1,550 USD.


Jimin’s second outfit was the “70’s Laurel Embroidery Denim Jacket” from Casablanca for $1,100 USD. He told us the best way to truly adorn by wearing two or three arrangements of pins from Toga Virilis for $117 and $160 USD, individually. His accessory is the “Heartfelt Vintage Pearl Necklace” from Vintage Hollywood for $148 USD. and he wore the “Shearling Baker Boy Cap” from Ruslan Baginskiy for $240 USD.

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6. How Much It Costs To Dress Like BTS V style

At soundcheck, V wore the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE beret for $39 USD with “Guard Low Top Sneakers” from LANVIN for $550 USD.

V’s first look is amazing and supernatural! It comes essentially from Rick Owens’ impending assortment. His extras, notwithstanding, are presently accessible through the brand. His “Rectangular Frame Sunglasses” cost $740, while the “Twofold Link Choker” cost $315 USD.

His Casablanca fit is a business proficient meets summer occasion. The “Mathematical Print Zip Up Bomber Jacket” is matched with the “Shell Chantilly Lace Shirt” for $1,527 and $800 USD, separately. The look is finished with the “Mathematical Print Tie” for $282 USD.

7. How Much It Costs To Dress Like BTS RM style

RM’s baseball hoodie is from one of his cherished brands, Fear of God, and expenses $695 USD. His frill remembers the PERMISSION TO DANCE For STAGE can cap, which costs $41.80 USD, and “Air Jordan 1 Low Travis Scott x Fragment” from Nike for $150 USD.

RM’s first outfit for the evening made a considerable lot of us endure coronary failures as he wore a basically transparent top. His coat and shirt are from Rick Owens, and it isn’t accessible yet all things considered from the Spring Summer 2022 assortment. His “Drawstring Cropped Trousers” are from DRKSHOW and cost more than $1,000 USD. His extras are the “Twofold Link Choker,” “Rick Sunglasses,” and “Geobasket High Top Sneakers,” all from Rick Owens and cost $315, $619, and $1,170 USD, individually.

Mid-year is finished? As per who? RM served resort flows with the “La Course Ideale Shirt” from Casablanca for $926 USD. His coordinating “Terry Track Jacket” is likewise from the brand and expenses $708 USD.

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