Get styling tips from Diana Penty for a gorgeous look in a traditional look

Get Styling Tips From Diana Penty For A Gorgeous Look In A Traditional Look. Whether it is a wedding or any family function, it is very important to take the idea of ​​a perfect dress. Bollywood actress Diana Panty shares many photos in traditional dress …

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Get styling tips from Diana Penty for a gorgeous look in a traditional look When it comes to home marriage, we start making many preparations. Especially girls do a lot of research for their makeup, jewelry, and dress. Taking inspiration from Bollywood actresses to give a different look to your style is a much better option. Bollywood actress Diana Penty carries her traditional and western look in a great way. If you have a wedding in your home in the coming days and you have not thought about the dress yet, then you can take the idea from Diana Penty’s dress, hairstyle, and makeup.

White and silver kilt

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The embroidery lehenga is perfect for weddings and it works to give you a good traditional look. Diana Penty’s lehenga has silver and gray embroidery in white color so that you can take inspiration. If you like white color, then you can pay attention to silver or gold embroidery. Diana Penty carries a silver color smokey eye look, but if you want, you can try the brown smokey eye look. Apart from this, you can complete your wedding look with curly hair and middle parting.

Sequence Saree & Off Shoulder Blouse

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Get styling tips from Diana Penty for a gorgeous look in a traditional look Diana Penty is wearing a sequin saree with a pink print in off-white color. If you want to take inspiration from this look, then you can try any light color print with off-white. Not only this, for a cocktail party, you can choose dark colors in simple sequins like blue, green, or maroon. To make your look classy you can try off-shoulder or a simple striped blouse. Sleek ponytails or side bun hairstyles are perfect for a cocktail party.

Ruffle Saree and Embroidery Blouse

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Most women prefer to wear red color at the wedding. But if you want to make your look different, then bright colors like Orange, Yellow, Green can be included in your wardrobe. With the look of Diana Penty, you can get inspiration for embroidered blouses, ruffle saris, and matching belts. If you carry pink lipstick and a brown smokey eye look with bright color, then it will be the perfect look for the wedding. A straight hairstyle with a simple pink sari looks great, but if you want to try something different then you can try a side french hairstyle.

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Embroidery Skirt With Shirt

For functions like turmeric and mehndi, we think of simple and casual dresses. Diana Penty is wearing a shirt with an embroidery skirt, which features bell sleeves. If you are thinking of buying a dress for mehndi or turmeric, then an embroidery skirt and shirt is a good choice. Yellow color is more worn in turmeric, so if you like yellow color, a light-colored shirt and matching skirt will be perfect. Apart from this, you can also try pink, blue, green colors. The fashion of long neckpieces with shirts in a traditional look is quite trendy, so you can wear silver jewelry. she looks beautiful in this lehnga she carries her look so well and is confident in it.

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